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5 Reasons Why Odors Linger

Why is it that your trash can stinks even after the trash is removed?  Why does the house still smell like popcorn two days after making it?  Funky odors really do irritate home owners.  For those who take pride in their homes, the last thing you want greeting you at the front door is a nasty odor.  Nothing says home sweet home like the assault of rotting waste on the nostrils, right?

Bad odors need to be removed from the house, but finding the source of the problem can be at times difficult.  Here are the five reasons why odors tend to linger.

1.)    Poor Ventilation – buttery popcorn, garlic and curry dishes leave an overpowering smell.  If the smell lingers past a day, chances are the room is not being properly ventilated.  Open the windows and doors.  Turn on the fan vent and make sure to wash down all surfaces, walls, and appliances in the kitchen.  Sometimes remnants of last night’s supper are found splattered in microwaves and cabinets.

2.)    Bacteria – bacteria likes to feast on decaying food and sweat from our bodies.  This is why trash cans stink after the trash is removed and why tennis sneakers reek.  Bacteria naked to our lousy eyes are swarming on the trash can and inside the sneakers.  It is the bacteria that smell.

3.)    Mildew – Many older homes have a mildew smell to them.  Mold spores attracted by leaky pipes and water damage from the roof or basement will collect and multiply in these environments creating that musty mildew odor.  It is often times hard to locate the source of the mildew smell as the leaks tend to be behind walls and in areas not readily accessible.

4.)    Dead animal – every now and again an unwanted house guest such as a mouse or bird finds its way into the house through the eaves and becomes trapped inside.  If a rotting waste odor continues to persist after the trash is removed, the source could very well be a dead animal.

5.)    Pet Urine – pet owners may find out they have a naughty pet to blame for the offensive odor.  Pet urine can seep through carpet and become trapped in the padding underneath.  If owners only apply carpet cleaner on the carpet and forget to address the padding, the odor will linger.


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