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5 Steps to Prevent Mold Growing in Your Bathroom

moldIt is summer time and with the summer comes that awful humidity. The warm moisture in the air, particularly in confined spaces such as our bathrooms, makes the ideal spot for mold to grow. Mold is that whitish, greenish, orange or blackish looking substance that starts to form a noticeable film layer over our bathroom shower tiles and ceiling. The substance is actually a fungus and folks it is not healthy to be around. People exposed to mold experience irritation of the eyes and skin, sore throat, allergies and in more serious cases asthma. If we see mold starting to grow in our bathrooms we cannot ignore it. Mold grows rapidly and the more mold present the more likely we are acquire health problems.

Here are five steps on how to prevent mold in bathrooms.

1.)                Invest in a good ceiling fan. Mold thrives in damp warm places. By installing a quality ceiling fan, you are preventing warm moisture from building up in the air and depriving the hungry fungus from their ideal environment.

2.)                Open a window – if a ceiling fan is not in the budget, at least crack a window open to let the humid air flow out of the house and away from the bathroom.

3.)                Wash shower curtains and curtain shower liners often. Shower curtains and liners are a source of attraction for mold.   (Take picture of shower curtain). Orange colored mold films a layer towards the bottoms of the curtain liners where most of the shower water hits. As a result, these liners and curtains need to be washed and dried frequently to avoid mold build up.

4.)                Use Chlorine Dioxide to clean the tub, shower and floor tiles, and the sink. Chlorine Dioxide kills 99.999% of mold upon contact. This bathroom mold removal works just as strong as household bleach but does not leave a strong odor or harmful byproducts behind.  It is completely odorless. Look for mold cleaner products that contain this chemical compound.

5.)                Make sure to dry down any wet areas after showing. Often times water puddles up around the tub corners, on soap racks, and on bathroom floors. Do not give the mold an incentive to move in. Deprive the mold of its habitat and the mold will disappear.

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