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The Ecology Works Mission Statement

At The Ecology Works, we seek out sustainable solutions to the challenges of modern life. The spider has woven silk many times stronger and more flexible than our present synthetics, mushrooms can absorb toxic heavy metals from our water supply. The sun, wind, and tides are ready, willing, and able to take over the charge of energy supplies. Global warming is no longer a theory, we must act now.

For decades the indiscriminate use of pesticides and antibiotics have created superbugs and viruses that no longer respond to existing treatments. Our Vital Oxide cleaner and sanitizer uses one of Earth’s own solutions, the power of oxygen, to selectively eliminate these health threats from our homes, and workplace without damaging the environment with hazardous chemicals. Our environmental control products have brought relief to allergy and asthma suffers for over 15 years.

Many great discoveries await us. History will note these discoveries. Yet we also hope that the simple unnoticed acts of care and kindness we provide everyday will quietly inspire our friends, family, and customers to take better care of planet Earth as the nurturing provider of life for generations to come.

James R. Burnett
President of The Ecology Works