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Americans Filthiest Cleaning Habits

Besides Mr. Clean and the Vacuum Boy Kyle Krichbaum, there aren’t too many Americans who enjoy cleaning. Yes, we like the outcome of our laborious efforts – a clean house, but the actual cleaning of the house is the pits. You can spend hours cleaning on a Sunday morning, only to see all your hard work destroyed come the following Friday. Cleaning takes routine dedication and let’s face we get lazy. We start looking for ways to put off cleaning. The mentality of “if we can’t see the filth, then it isn’t there” sinks into our brains and thus our secret filthy housekeeping habits are born.

Here are the top bad housekeeping habits Americans keep secret from their friends.

1.) Wait longer than a week to wash linens.

Our bed sheets are probably one of the filthiest items in the house. We shed thousands of dead skin cells a night in our beds and we sweat bacteria onto the sheets. Did you know that dust mites feed off our dead skin cells and thrive in moist places? Our bed linens are crawling with these microscopic dust mites. Some folks like to eat while in bed leaving a trail of crumbs behind. Then there are the bodily secretions that seep into these very sheets. Are you thinking about washing a load of laundry right now? It is disgusting to wait too long to wash, as good cleaning practices suggest you wash your bed sheets every 7 days. Yet, this is one of the first places Americans slack off on their cleaning, especially with the younger generation. College students and teenagers will wait 3 weeks or more before washing their sheets.

2.) Keep the sink sponge longer than recommended.

The kitchen sink sponge is completely contaminated with germs. The sponge is the perfect habitat for bacteria like E. coli, salmonella and staphylococcus to jump on in and stay awhile. How long did you wait before tossing the sink sponge? Be honest. Is it longer than a month? Sponges should not have a long shelve life in any kitchen and should be replaced often.

3.) Skimp on vacuuming.

One of the easiest places to hide dust and dirt is in the carpet. Many carpets have decorative patterns that trick the eye into only seeing the pattern and not the grime that is hidden within. The busier the pattern the longer Americans will forego vacuuming. Ssh…don’t tell the Vacuum Boy.

4.) Avoid dusting.

For Americans allergic to dust mites, dusting leads to hive break outs, stuffy noses, and itchy eyes. Americans, especially those with dust mite allergies, cut corners on their dusting. The common places skipped over are the ceiling fans, wall baseboards, and light switches. These are the best spots to go unnoticed. Unfortunately, the longer people wait the more dust builds up and contaminates the homes.

Keeping a clean home is hard work and requires dedication. Slacking on cleaning only leads to poor hygiene issues later. If you find yourself getting lazy, just remember the eight legged dust mites that are invading your home and all the eggs they are laying behind. Are you now motivated?

Stay tuned for more home housekeeping tips, here at Ecology Works.

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