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Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent Product Description2015-12-15T16:29:46+00:00

Anti-Allergen Laundry removes allergens from your launderables, using a fragrance-free formula with no dyes or enzymes. This super-concentrated hypoallergenic laundry detergent also separates oils, fats, and other soils from fabrics, so that your wash rinses completely clean. Laundry comes out with no chemical residues that could cause skin irritation, like some detergents do. Treats an entire washload of clothing or bedding, leaving it springtime fresh and allergen free.

Hypo-Allergenic Laundry Detergent Removes:
▪    Dust Mite Allergens
▪    Pet Dander
▪    Mold
▪    Mildew
▪    Smoke

Recommended by Allergists and Dermatologists
▪    100% Biodegradable Detergent
▪    Plant Based Detergent Technology
▪    Perfume Free Detergent, No Dyes or Enzymes
▪    Free of d-Limonene Terpenes, Phosphates, and Nitrates

Formulated for Allergy Sufferers
▪    Highly Concentrated
▪    Washes 40 Loads
▪    Super Micelle Action- Leaves nothing behind to irritate sensitive skin. Long lasting odor neutralizer leaves washables Spring Fresh without the use of masking fragrances.
▪    Gentle on household washables, yet powerful enough for the most demanding commercial settings, hospitals, and hotels.
▪    Safe to use full strength on fabrics as a pre-treatment for stubborn stains.
* Please note: First few washings may produce higher than normal sudzing as old built-up residual detergent is removed from your washables.