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Are Your Sugar Rushes Caused By Too Much Candida In The Body?

sugarUp until a year ago, I had no idea what Candida was never mind that I could have a Candida problem.  It all started with me getting a bacterial infection, feeling constantly bloated, and very lethargic.  Oh and I was craving sugar.  Right around the 3:00 pm work day, my body was twitching for a bit of sugar – chocolate, cookies, or even a granola bar.  It did not matter as long as I had my sugar intake for the day.  Do you crave sugar everyday?  Are you constantly tired and feel bloated in the stomach?  It could be you have too much Candida bacteria in your body.

Candida is a fungal or yeast infection.  All bodies naturally produce yeast to help aid with our digestion, but when the body starts producing too much yeast it causes a Candida overgrowth.  Too much Candida starts breaking down the walls of the intestine leaving the body feeling bloated.  It also causes mouth thrush and in women vaginal yeast infections.  If left untreated it can enter the blood stream and become life threatening.

Candida feeds on sugar.  If you experience extreme sugar cravings, you probably have Candida.  When the Candida is hungry, it triggers our cravings for sugar.  This is why many of us experience sugar cravings. 

What causes Candida Overgrowth?

Often times Candida overgrowth is triggered by antibiotics.  Antibiotics are designed to kill all bacteria – good and bad.  Did you know we have good bacteria in our mouths?

Good bacteria are found on our tongues and are designed to break down food and control the yeast growth.  Unfortunately when we take antibiotics to fight a bacterial infection in the body, we inadvertently deplete our mouths of the good bacteria.  The tongue, wiped out of the good bacteria, experiences a yeast overgrowth creating a white coating over the tongue called thrush.

How do we Treat Candida Overgrowth?

The best way to beat Candida infections is to deprive it of its food source.  Drastically reducing sugar from our diets helps to keep our Candida growth in check.  There are many cleanses and no-sugar recipes available to help people overcome Candida overgrowth.  Cleanses provide anti-fungal herbs and supplements to kill the fungal infection, while the no sugar diet aids with starving out the Candida.

People who think they have Candida overgrowth should have their doctor take a blood or stool test.  If the test results confirm positive for high levels of Candida, your doctor should prescribe you with anti-fungal medicine to treat the overgrowth.  Other natural remedies include eating natural (unsweetened) yogurt, wheat bread and pasta, and brown rice.  A rule of thumb is to avoid the white carbohydrates as they are loaded with sugars.  This includes white bread, white pasta, and white rice.

If in the supermarket, check the labels of food products to determine the sugar level.  While it is near impossible to avoid sugar, it is possible to greatly reduce the level of sugar consumption.  The good news is that eating a low sugar diet shrinks our waistlines and increases our energy levels.  Also once the Candida is removed the sugar cravings tend to subside as well.  Can we say sayonara cookies!  Hello skinny jeans!


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