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Are Neglected Schools to Blame for Ill Children?

In 2010, Anthony Aliseo from Broward County,Florida fell chronically ill with sinus and respiratory infections.  After 70 allergy injections and two surgeries to drain his sinuses it was discovered the cause behind Anthony’s declining health was mold in his elementary school.  The following year Matthew Asselin from Winsted, Connecticut took 53 sick days to recover [...]

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Insect Bites Trigger Cellulitis

Did you know that the smallest insect bite could lead to cellulitis?  Cellulitis, not to be confused with cellulite, is a skin bacteria infection.  It causes the skin to turn red, swell up and start leaking fluid pus.  If not treated properly the infection can spread to the blood vessels [...]

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How is Suspicious Mail Handled?

In the height of the Boston Marathon bombing, another terrorist threat was already underway.  Kevin Curtis, an Elvis Impersonator, took it upon himself to mail three different letters laced with the deadly ricin powder.  The letters were intended for Mississippi Judge Sadie Holland, Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, and President Barack Obama.  Luckily all three letters [...]