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How is Suspicious Mail Handled?

In the height of the Boston Marathon bombing, another terrorist threat was already underway.  Kevin Curtis, an Elvis Impersonator, took it upon himself to mail three different letters laced with the deadly ricin powder.  The letters were intended for Mississippi Judge Sadie Holland, Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, and President Barack Obama.  Luckily all three letters [...]

Do You Multi-Task While on the Toilet?

Ok.  It is time to fess up.  Are you guilty of using your phone while on the toilet?  If so, you are not alone.  Surveys conducted both in the United States and UK, revealed that an overwhelming majority of people are guilty of multi-tasking while on the throne.  11marks, a marketing agency headquartered in Alexandria,VA [...]

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What Is Living in Your Carpet?

It is inspection time!  How clean is your carpet?  To the discerning eye a carpet looks clean, but is it really?  Carpets provide padded cushion for sore feet, necessary sound proofing, and a centerpiece for anchoring a room design.  Yet, carpets also collect unwanted toxins, bugs, dead skin cells, viruses and bacteria.  The average person [...]

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How Germ-Infested is Your Office?

Unlike children, adults do not have the luxury to stay home while fighting off the common cold.  Adults go to work even when boggled down with the cough and sniffles.  According to a 2010 research study conducted by Office Team, 80% of Americans go to work sick.  Just imagine how many germs are being spread [...]

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Mold Spores Lead to Asthma

Did you know that 25 percent of people who suffer allergies are allergic to mold?  According to the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, this estimate is accurate with 10 percent of the people being U.S. citizens.  It turns out these Americans, who are allergic to mold spores, may be also be at risk [...]

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