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5 Steps to Prevent Mold Growing in Your Bathroom

It is summer time and with the summer comes that awful humidity. The warm moisture in the air, particularly in confined spaces such as our bathrooms, makes the ideal spot for mold to grow. Mold is that whitish, greenish, orange or blackish looking substance that starts to form a noticeable [...]

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Flooding in Florida Brings on Mold and Bacteria Issues

Rainy season in Florida is typically in the summer months between June and August, but this January Florida got hit with a record high torrential rainfall that delivered an impressive 2 feet of rain within 24 hours.  This massive amount of rainfall left much of Palm Beach County east of Rt. 95 flooded.  Homes and [...]

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5 Reasons Why Odors Linger

Why is it that your trash can stinks even after the trash is removed?  Why does the house still smell like popcorn two days after making it?  Funky odors really do irritate home owners.  For those who take pride in their homes, the last thing you want greeting you at the front door is a [...]

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Are Neglected Schools to Blame for Ill Children?

In 2010, Anthony Aliseo from Broward County,Florida fell chronically ill with sinus and respiratory infections.  After 70 allergy injections and two surgeries to drain his sinuses it was discovered the cause behind Anthony’s declining health was mold in his elementary school.  The following year Matthew Asselin from Winsted, Connecticut took 53 sick days to recover [...]

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