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Don’t Let the Dust Mites In Your Home !

House Dust MiteWhen I was little my parents would tuck me into bed at night and say “Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite”.  My overactive imagination envisioned huge scary bugs coming to get me in the dark.  I convinced myself that if my parents tucked me in good, the blanket would act as a shield to ward off these ferocious bed bugs.  I also had a glow in the dark bright light for extra measure.  No scary bed bugs were going to sneak up on me!  I thankfully made it through childhood without being attacked by the blood sucking bed bugs.  However, I did not escape unscathed from being attacked at night.  I suffered constant invasions from dust mites.

Unlike bed bugs that like to feast on human blood, the dust mites like to feast on our dead skin cells.  Humans constantly are shedding skin cells.  In fact, 80% of house dust is made up of our dead skin cells.  They also live of water vapor, otherwise known as our sweat.  Did you know that the average person sweats out a pint per night?  This is why dust mites like to settle in our bedding, carpets, furniture, and fabrics.

Do dust mites bite us? 

Dust mites do not bite.  Dust mites do not harm us directly.  Yes, these dust mites attacked me at night, but they attacked indirectly.  They attacked me with their poop.  Dust mites, which are microscopic eight legged creatures, can produce up to 20 fecal pellets per day.  Their droppings are what cause people to sneeze, cough, and have trouble breathing.

Like thousands of other Americans, I am allergic to dust mite feces.  Unfortunately, dust mites can be found in most homes.  It is extremely hard to have a completely dust free home.

How do we combat dust mites?


While it may be hard to keep a dust-free home, there is a solution to keeping the dust mites away.  Ecology Works, a West Palm Beach, FL based company, has come up with a product designed specifically to kill all nutrients that dust mites feed off in our dead skin cells.  By killing their food source, the dust mites either die off or are forced to vacate your home in search of food.  The product comes in a liquid form and powder.

DustMitex is a ready to use liquid that is odorless and will not harm water-safe fabrics.  This dust mite prevention spray can be used on bedding, mattress, and pillows. The Ecology Works® DustMite and Flea Control is the borate powder compound without the water added in.  This powder compound is great for adding to a carpet steamer to clean carpets.  Ecology Works products are all Environmental Protection Agency registered.  The EPA tests showed that this product is low in toxicity, making it an environmental safe product to use in your home.

Dust mites make terrible house guests.  They leave fecal material all over our home, causing us to sneeze, cough, and rub our itchy eyes.  We do not have to tolerate them any longer.  By using Ecology Works’ products, we can keep the dust mites away and breathe easier.  We will also have cleaner homes.

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