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Directions for Use:

DustMitex comes in a handy spray bottle and is already pre-mixed, so just spray directly on rugs, fabric or upholstery and allow to air dry.

Pre-Cleaning Instructions: First clean by vacuum, laundering, or steam cleaning before applying DUST- MITEX. When treating couches and chairs, remove cushions, and vacuum all seams, and crevices. Clean both top and undersides of mattresses and box springs. For Control of Dust Mites & Fleas in Carpet: Spray evenly to dampen and penetrate surface of carpet or rug. Do not saturate. A stiff brush or carpet rake will aid penetration on dense carpet pile. Avoid contact with treated surfaces until dry. When Treating Drapes, Upholstered Furniture, Mattresses & Box Springs, Pet Bedding: Spray evenly to dampen and penetrate surfaces. Do not saturate. Spray all surfaces including undersides of cushions and wells of furniture. Allow to air dry before replacing cushions, mattresses & box springs. Spray all pet sleeping areas, including pet bedding. Avoid contact with treated surfaces until dry. Use of a fan may circulate air for quicker drying times. EPA Reg. No. 67419-4 EPA Est. No. 85804-NC-1, 22909-CA-1 See batch code for actual establishment number.


When applied according to label directions the solution in this 32 oz. spray bottle will treat 100 sq. ft. (10 ft. x 10 ft.).


DUSTMITEX is effective reducing dust mite and flea population densities 4-6 weeks after initial treatment. Do not apply more than once every 8 weeks. Treatment lasts six months.