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The Anti Allergen Dust Mite Spray

Dust Mite and Flea Control by The Ecology Works not only comes in a powdered form that you mix with water and apply to carpeting and upholstery to kill dust mites and fleas, but also comes in this pre-mixed, ready-to-use 32-oz spray called DustMitex® to treat 100 sq. ft. of carpeting or upholstery. DustMitex contains all the same natural ingredients as DustMite and Flea Control, but in a pre-mixed liquid form that lets you destroy dust mites and fleas with no fuss, and with no harm to your family or pets. DustMitex is not a harsh chemical or dangerous poison, but a natural Boron Compound much like the Borax used in laundry cleaning.

DustMitex comes in a convenient 32-oz pre-mixed spray bottle to treat 100 sq. ft. Also available as DustMite and Flea Control powder (that you mix with water) in either an 8-oz bag to treat 200 sq. ft., or more economical 2-lb bag to treat 800 sq. ft. (both sold separately).


  • DustMitex is a handy, ready-to-use spray that requires no mixing
  • Contains the same ingredients and does the same job as DustMite and Flea Control powder, but in a pre-mixed liquid form
  • Dries into clear crystal that coats the mite’s food source and greatly reduces its population within 2 weeks
  • A recent medical study indicates that after 8 weeks, nearly every mite inhabiting carpet or furniture will be dead…and won’t come back between treatments
  • As with all mite-control products, begin your treatment in the bedroom first
  • Clear and odorless, this product will not stain lightly colored fabrics
  • Low toxicity means safe to use
  • 32-oz pre-mixed spray treats 100 sq ft