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Holiday Party Damage Control Tips

wineThe month of December is the biggest time of year for throwing holiday parties at home.  We love entertaining our loved ones but cleaning up after them is cumbersome.  I love drinking red wine with my girlfriends but cringe when my prized pinstriped cream color couch gets showered in red wine.  Let’s face it.  Hosting parties means that accidents are bound to happen.  The best hosts are the ones that roll with the punches.  Red wine spilled on sofas, toddlers touching everything with sticky pastry on their hands, and pets knocking over plants are all part of the chaos that comes with entertaining in our homes.  Knowing how to handle damage control is part of the process in becoming the “hostess with the mostess”.

Here is a list of five tricks to use to help minimize damage to your home.


  1. Invest in couch slip covers – If you wish to keep your newly purchased or mint conditioned sofa stain free over the holidays, try purchasing slip covers.  Nowadays, slip covers are offered in a variety of patterns and styles to personalize homes.  If red wine or food spills on the couches while entertaining, you can simply remove and wash the slip covers.  The best part is your couches are preserved underneath to enjoy when guests leave.

  2. Keep on hand a good disinfectant cleaner – Using a strong disinfectant cleaner is essential to clean up after company leaves.  Disinfectant cleaner is great to use on kitchen countertops, dirty floors, or removing finger prints off your stainless steel appliances. Plus there are disinfectant cleaners available now that also mask strong food odors and kill up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.

  3. Rent a steam carpet cleaner – If your carpet looks like an army of muddy soldiers trekked across it, try renting a steam carpet cleaner for the day. People mistakenly believe you need to buy a commercial grade carpet cleaner or hire a carpet cleaning company to deep clean carpets, both of which tend to be expensive options.   However, many local hardware stores allow customers to rent deep heavy duty carpet cleaners for the day or by the hour.  If you don’t mind doing the cleaning yourself, this is a cost effective solution to restoring your carpet. For added measure spray disinfectant on the carpets after cleaning.

  4. Pack up the good stuff – Anything that can break or is fragile should be stored away during entertaining or kept on high shelves away from pets and small children.  Any valuables kept at their eye level or lower are inevitably going to be touched, bumped or broke.  If you don’t believe me, ask any parent with a toddler.  There is a reason the child proofing business is booming.

  5. De-clutter – When entertaining large gatherings it is important to layout your home in a way that leaves ample room to maneuver traffic flow to each room.  If you are a bit of a hoarder or guilty of collecting too many treasures, you are creating an environment that leaves your guests feeling claustrophobic.  There is also the higher chance of your collectibles being knocked over and damaged.  It is best to de-clutter your home to create warm open spaces for your guests and at the same time you will be avoiding your collectibles accidentally becoming damaged.


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