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How Does Vital Oxide Eliminate Bad Odors?

vital oxideVital Oxide natural disinfectant cleaner is a wonderful cleaning agent particularly for those individuals who have a strong smell sensitivity. Vital Oxide is odorless. In an age where we are brainwashed with fancy television commercials to believe our house is not clean unless it reeks of chlorine bleach, how is it possible that Vital Oxide can clean as effectively while being odorless? What makes it odorless?

The answer is the chemical compound called chlorine dioxide. While chlorine dioxide is a compound that has the word chlorine in it, it acts very differently. Chlorine dioxide’s chemical make up is such that it does not react with many organic compounds. When chemicals react with organic compounds, often times their reactions result in a byproduct that is called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These volatile organic compounds are what we smell and these VOCs are quite toxic to breathe in. Since Chlorine Dioxide does not react with many organic compounds it does not leave harmful byproducts behind or a strong odor, whereas cleaning chemicals like Chlorine bleach do.

If chlorine dioxide does not react with many other organic compounds does this mean it is ineffective against killing bacteria and viruses? On the contrary. The chlorine dioxide actually works even better than other disinfectants. Odor removal products made with chlorine dioxide are even used by our government to clean up anthrax scares in government buildings. If it is good enough to clean up a virus attack by terrorists, surely it should be good enough to clean our households, right?

The chlorine dioxide compound in Vital Oxide, destroys 99.999% of all bacteria and viruses located in our homes. This natural disinfectant cleaner also acts as an odor eliminator. Cleaning our homes, should not leave us with migraines from all the harmful VOCs. Our homes need not smell like a perfume factory or bleach. With odor removal products from Vital Oxide we can have a clean home and be headache free. We can keep the germs away, our homes clean and remove bad odors.

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