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Is it Safe for My Dog to Be In a Pesticide Sprayed Yard?

dogRecently a friend of my mine who rents a small cottage asked her landlord for permission to have a dog. The landlord agreed to allow her to have a dog on the condition she pay for a monthly pesticide service to spray the yard. The landlord did not want any flea infestation to happen in her home and worried that a dog would carry them into the rental property. My friend, the renter, questioned the safety of having a dog play in a pesticide sprayed yard. Is it safe for animals or for that matter humans to be in an environment where dangerous pesticides are sprayed monthly?

No, it is most definitely not safe. Any type of toxic pesticide can be deadly if consumed or inhaled. It becomes more of a health risk from repeat exposure. Dogs love to sniff plants, roll around in the yard and even nibble on grass. It is common dog behavior. If pesticides are sprayed regularly on the grass and plants, than the dog is going to be covered in pesticides and consuming poisonous chemicals. According the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 1.1 billion pounds of pesticide active ingredients are used annually in the United States. That is a tremendous amount of pesticides used on our plants and grass. It is of little wonder the Animal Poison Control Center receives on average about 750 calls a day.

Are there alternative non-toxic flea control solutions? Is there a natural flea control?

It is understandable that any landlord would wish to keep fleas out of their properties. However, if pesticides are toxic to pets, tenants with pets surely cannot put their beloved dogs in harm’s way. An alternative solution is in need. Fortunately, there are products that are designed to kill off fleas without harming the dogs. Ecology Works’ Dustmite and Flea Control is designed to kill fleas and dustmites inside the homes. The ingredients used in Dustmite and Flea Control are safe to use around dogs and also humans. This product is designed to be used indoors on carpets and other flooring. Ecology Works’ Anti-allergen Pet Shampoo also works hand in hand with their Dustmite and Flea Control product. Fleas love to hitch rides on the back of dogs’ fur. The Anti-allergen Pet Shampoo destroys the adult fleas embedded inside the dogs’ fur while the Dustmite and Flea Control product kills any female flea’s eggs left behind in the carpets and bedding.

Both of these products are canine friendly and should work to appease any landlord’s fears of flea infestations in their investment properties. If the landlord is unwilling to compromise, a tenant should consider either putting their doggie dream on temporary hold or look into finding a place with a landlord more willing to compromise. Bottom line is pesticides are toxic and never safe to use in yards where dogs play.

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