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Here at The Ecology Works® we take your pet’s health and well-being seriously. We are dedicated to providing you with products that are not only safe for your pets, but effectively control fleas and ticks. We know that owning a pet requires care and sensitivity to their needs. We also know how much pets drive themselves crazy trying to get rid of the fleas that are constantly attacking them. Many pets will eat away at their own flesh just to try to rid themselves of the fleas that just will not go away. As pet owners, its difficult to watch our pets in a state of constant agony.

We believe in a 1-2 punch to help kill fleas in your home and on your pets.

Environmental Flea Control

One of the best ways to prevent your pet from getting fleas and ticks is to keep your home as clean as possible. Fleas and ticks can live in carpets, upholstery, and even bedding and it is in these areas where you need to attack your pet’s flea problems. We produce a product called Dustmite and Flea Control® that helps to eliminate all of the fleas that may be living in your home and help prevent fleas from coming back.

Our Dustmite and Flea Control® has been used for over 10 years to effectively kill fleas in homes so that your pets can live happier lives. Further, the Dustmite and Flea Control® is safe around kids and even small infants so that after you treat your carpets and furniture, your kids can return to the treated area almost immediately.

Targeting your home environment and helping to create a healthy home for both you and your pets will help ensure that flea and tick populations are under control- and possibly eliminated altogether.

Healthy and Clean Coats

In addition to environmental flea control, we strongly recommend that pet owners treat their pet’s coat with a high-quality pet shampoo that will not further aggravate your pet’s skin problems. Our Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo is an exceptional treatment option to not only rid your pet of fleas and ticks, but leave a clean and healthy coat that smells fresh.

Many of the flea treatments currently on the market today are called “spot-on” flea treatments. Unfortunately, virtually all of the “spot-on” flea treatments available as flea sprays, flea powders, flea dips, and even flea collars can cause adverse skin reactions and additional health problems for your pet due to the toxic chemicals that are used as ingredients.

The Ecology Works® philosophy to pet health and flea treatment takes a different approach. Rather than causing more problems for your pet that may further deteriorate their coat and skin, our Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo uses only the highest quality natural ingredients to help sooth your pet and leave a healthy coat. Our pet shampoo is hypo-allergenic for even the most sensitive pets and helps to reduce pet dander and dust mites in addition to controlling fleas. Your pet’s coat will actually look healthier after using the Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo instead of looking dull and flat.

By controlling flea populations in your home and on your pet’s themselves, both you and your pet will live happier and healthier lives together. We hope we can help.

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