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Information for Parents and Caregivers

Allergy Information that is important to know

• Do you care for child with an allergy?
• Have you just found out your son or daughter has allergies?
• Do your children constantly wake-up with nasal congestion?anti-allergen solution
• Is your child hyper-sensitive?

If you have a son or daughter or care for children with allergies, it can be frustrating trying to figure out what works. Often, children have sensitive immune systems that make them especially vulnerable to common allergens found at home and in schools which later develops into common allergies.

We manufacture products that help reduce allergy symptoms in children and adolescents without causing further irritation to their skin or eyes. While many of the products on the market today may be temporarily beneficial combating allergens, they tend to be highly toxic and made with chemicals than can create even more problems than the original issue or symptom.

The Ecology Works products are carefully designed to help your child, or those you care for, remove the most common forms of allergens from their beds, toys, play areas, bedrooms and their home  environment in general without causing any further irritation.

Our products have been used around children with allergies for over ten years with virtually no complaints from parents and caregivers. Our anti-allergen solution and other products will not harm your child’s skin, cause eye problems, or hurt their lungs.

Instead of contributing to an unhealthy environment for your child by using harsh chemicals, our products help clean and maintain a healthy atmosphere with eco-friendly ingredients. Our line of products will help you reduce greatly the allergens found in your home and therefore control allergies in general. A child who is allergy free is a happy child.

We encourage you to take a look at our testimonials to see how our products have provided relief to allergy sufferers. For more information on allergies and how Ecology Works can help, contact us.

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