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A natural pet dander shampoo for killing allergens while cleaning and conditioning your pet’s skin and fur. Anti-Allergen pet shampoo is safe for pets and highly effective in eliminating allergens. This dog allergy shampoo kills allergens from pet dander. Allergy-reducing pet shampoo features sustained odor protection that keeps your pet smelling fresher for longer. Ecology Works’ dog dander shampoo is 100% biodegradable plant and mineral based formula. The Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo helps pets overcome skin problems caused by dust mites which irritate the skin. It also helps reduce allergic reaction for the pet owner to the pet’s dander.

  • Anti Allergen Pet Shampoo Great for Dogs, Cats, and Small Animals

    • Dust mite allergy control
    • Neutralize allergen in pet dander
    • Clean and condition for a soft and healthy coat
    • Help eliminate fleas and ticks
    • Stay fresh with our deodorizing formula
    Now Contains Organic Neem Tree Extract!
  • The Ecology Works anti allergen pet shampoo is a hypoallergenic and gentle formula designed to eliminate allergens that cause on-going irritation and sensitivity for both pets and people. Try this product for FREE ! Only pay for shipping. Just add it to the cart and follow the check out process.
  • Pet Lover’s Special


    Allergy Solution for Dogs and Cats.

    • Allergy Solution for pets and pet owners
    • Dust mite allergy treatment by spraying over pet's bedding
    • Neutralize pet dander allergens to eliminate allergic reaction
    • Clean and condition for a pet's soft and healthy coat
    • Pet flea allergy treatment
    • Stay fresh with our deodorizing formula