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The Complete Line of The Ecology Works® Products

The Ecology Works® product line is your best line of defense in environmental control of allergens, bacteria, and dustmites. For persons suffering from asthma and various breathing problems associated with environmental allergens, The Ecology Works® offers plant-based solutions to help alleviate symptoms. Our earth friendly products help create healthy environments at home, office, school, and everywhere else where allergens and bacteria are present. Please consider our product line for your own environmental needs, and if we can be of any assistance, feel free to call or email us.

Dustmite and Flea Control

The Clean & Natural Solution to Dust Mites & Fleas in Carpet & Upholstery

– — USEPA registered – Researched by the University of California and USF

– Proven to Eliminate Dust Mites and Fleas with Insignificant Exposure Risk

– Safe on Fabric – Clear, Odorless, Neutral pH, & Will Not Stain Light Fabrics

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Anti-Allergen Solution

Clear, Stain Free, Proven to Neutralize Dust Mite & Cat Allergen on Contact

– Spray Directly on Mattress, Pillows, Carpet & Upholstery

– Apply Directly to Pets & Sleeping Areas to Neutralize Pet Dander

– Add to Hot Water Steam Vac for Deep Carpet & Upholstery Treatment

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Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent

Recommended by Dermatologists – Leaves Nothing Behind to Irritate Skin

– Super Concentrate & Very Effective in Cold Water

– Plant Based Technology – Removes Dust Mite Allergen and Pet Dander

– Free of Perfumes, Dyes and Enzymes

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Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo

Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo

Recommended by Allergists for Dogs, Cats, and Small Animals

– Neutralize Allergen on Pets & Reduce Allergens in the Environment

– Clean & Conditions for a Soft, Healthy Coat

– Stay Fresh Deodorizing Formula- Helps Control Fleas & Ticks

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Vital Oxide Disinfectant and Antimicrobial

Leading the Way in Eco Cleaning & Powerful Mold Elimination

– Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant Kills 99.9% of Bacteria including MRSA & Norovirus

– — USEPA Registered, Produces No Harmful By-Products for the Environment

– The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Chlorine Bleach – 100% Biodegradable

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We encourage you to also take a look at our testimonials to see how our products have worked for other allergy sufferers.

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