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SoluNeem 0.75 oz Organic Pesticide


SoluNeem is an organic bug killer that is not neem oil but a water soluble powder botanically derived from the neem plant. “Azadirachtin indica”.

Pouch contains 0.75 oz of SoluNeem

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With a 6% Azadirachtin, SoluNeem® is 33% more concentrated than neem oil products, SoluNeem® is a completely water soluble neem extract organic pesticide. Use Soluneem® for pre-harvest treatment of fruits, vegetables and plants in case of sudden pest infestations or as a preventative measure. SoluNeem® does not need added solvents and it can be applied directly on to the plant or through its roots with no mess and no clean up.

Soluneem® is effective on a very wide spectrum of insects and pests. Soluneem® eliminates insects by stopping the insect’s growth, and is effective on all insects listed, insect larval stages and pupae. Eliminate insects like whiteflies, leaf moners, scale, mealy bugs, thrips, aphids, bugs, flies, sawflies, caterpillars, beetles, weevils, mole crickets and more…

SoluNeem also comes in a convenient 0.25oz pouch

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