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Soluneem is a WATER SOLUBLE powder
botanically derived from the neem plant.

• 100% Organic
• No significant odor or sticky mess
• No noticeable residue on plants
• 0 Re-entry interval required
• May be tank mixed with other products

NOT neem oil


A New Era In Bioactive Pest Control

SoluNeem is NOT neem oil. SoluNeem is the world’s first water-soluble, neem based bio-insecticide powder
made from organically certified Neem Seed Kernel Extract.


Azadirachtin is the most potent insect growth regulator among natural pesticides. It also works as anti-feedant, many insects simply starve to death. Finally as a anti-ovo-pository and repellant, insects will be repelled and avoid laying eggs.


Native to the Indian subcontinent, neem trees now thrive in many parts of Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, Caribbean, Central and South America. All parts of the tree, wood, bark, leaves, flowers, and seeds have been used tradition- ally for centuries in treating various health problems such as internal parasites, skin conditions, and dental hygiene. In some of the worlds earliest writings dating back nearly 4,500 years, hundreds of Ayurvedic medical notations describe how neem can be used to treat a wide range of illness, from diabetes, to gum disease, insect bites and arthritis.

Manufactured into soaps, skin creams, even toothpaste, and as insect repellent and pesticide, neem oil has now gained international attention as a natural alternative to toxic chemicals.

Technical Information

(*This is not the SoluNeem label. Please read the full label “Directions for Use” including all “Precautionary Statements” before using SoluNeem.)

SoluNeem is a highly concentrated non-oil based, water soluble powder, botanically derived from the Neem plant. Can be applied as a spray, soil drench, tree injection, hydroponics, and chemigation. Effective treatment for Greenhouse Whiteflies, Aphids, Sawflies, Caterpillars, Beetles, Scale, Mole Crickets, Mushroom flies, Thrips, Borers, and much more.

Typical Examples of Application Rates:

LOW RATE   (For preventative treatment before signs of infestation a low application rate is recommended.)
1 Teaspoon/1 gallon of water/1000 sq ft.

MEDIUM RATE (Recommended for most treatments. For medium infestations when pests are present)
2-3 Teaspoons/1 gallon of water/1000 sq ft.

HIGH RATE (Recommended for high infestations or difficult pests)
4 Teaspoons/1 gallon water/1000 sq ft
This equates to approximately 6 ounces SoluNeem powder/50 gallons of water/acre.

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Spraying Application Dosing Rate:

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