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Significant Reduction of Allergens
Reviewed by: CEO of Air Control Service Company
“Upon application of the DustMite and Flea Control product in affected carpeted areas, we typically see a reduction in allergen load of dust mites from 60-90%, a remarkable improvement.”

Your product killed the dust mites in our schools
Reviewed by: Manager of Indoor Air Quality from Port St. Lucie, Florida
“I want to commend your product for helping lower the dust mite populations to less than threshold amounts in the classrooms of Rivers Edge Elementary School… even now, eight months later, a recent test showed the dust might populations to be nil.”

My son can go to school now
Reviewed by: A Mother from San Rafael, California
“My son’s allergies forced him to miss school frequently, despite his medications. It wasn’t until I tried DustMite and Anti-Allergen products that his symptoms disappeared. I now use it twice a year and am relieved to have found a natural remedy for his condition.”

Now I Can Travel
Reviewed by: An Allergy Sufferer from Fort Myers, Florida
“I used to dread sleeping away from home. I never knew what allergens may be lurking in hotel rooms or even my friend’s homes (especially those with indoor pets). I developed allergies later in life and had no intention of letting that keep me from doing the things I enjoy. I did extensive research to find the best way to combat the most common triggers (for me, Dustmites and pet dander). The product,”Dustmite and Flea Control,” has been a key part of my success. I take my premixed spray bottle on vacation and “de-mite” the room, then head out to dinner while it works its magic. By the time we get back, we are able to breathe better and sleep comfortably. I will never vacation without it.”

Dustmite Buster
Reviewed by: Nes Enciso from California
“I just woke up one day when my apartment got infested with dustmites. I have tried other expensive sprays and powder hoping they would do the trick, but to no avail. I took my chance in ordering online the DUSTMITEX and after 1 application, I would like to believe dustmites are gone now, no more bites! I cant wait for my next spray time, to ensure a dustmite free home.”

Poor little mites!
Reviewed by: Major dustmite allergy sufferer from Marblehead, Massachusetts
“I could almost feel sorry for the dustmites perishing everywhere in my bedroom carpet, except for the wonderful feeling of waking up without a headache for the first time in years, and being able to breathe through my nose! Dustmitex worked literally overnight, and I can’t imagine doing without it. This stuff is terrific!”

great value
Reviewed by: g gibson from tiffin ohio
“This product is a great value,easy to use, dries fast!!! I noticed a big difference the very next day, no more watery eyes and stuffy nose in the morning!”

All You Need Except the Bottle
Reviewed by: Dust Mite Allergies from Chattanooga, TN
“My primary allergy concern is dust mites so when I noticed this product, it looked perfect. I’m happy to say that it is. I have an apartment with cats so I was very pleased that the product didn’t damage the carpet or make the cats sick. I’m very pleased with this product overall. The only thing I would add is the spray bottle. I don’t mind mixing the solution, but buying a separate spray bottle at a different time should be avoidable.”

Allergy Relief
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Gladstone MI
“I have been waking up every morning with a headache and congestion for years. I would wash all the bed linens in bleach and hot water and vacuum every day without and nothing seemed to help. I used your Dustmitex on the carpeting and mattress and washed all the linens in your allergy detergent and finally I can look forward to starting each day without the misery of congestion.”

Sleeping Alone
Reviewed by: Jera Stewart from Springfield, Illinois
“It use to take me hours to fall asleep. I would lay awake itching just thinking of the dust mites invading my body and my bed. I started using DustMitex in my bedding and it eases my mind to know that I am finally sleeping alone.”

Immediate Results
Reviewed by: Skin Allergies in California from Long Beach, CA
“My husband and our cat (a hairless sphynx) both had bumps on their skin from dust mite allergies. We sprayed DustMiteX on our carpet and in all the nooks and crannies in our house, and noticed results immediately. Both husband and cat have much better skin, and we saw their allergy bumps go down that evening! We’ve already recommended the product to friends, who have already placed their orders!”

Reviewed by: FRED N. from LOS ANGELES, CA

like Improvement
Reviewed by: DustMitex from Texas
“I followed the simple mixing instructions and unfortunately, was not able to get to every nook and cranny in my living room and bedroom trying to spray this product. I realize though that after a couple weeks my symptoms have come back which means that I also need to get additional products like anti-mite bed covering, etc. But, overall, I would say that I remain positive about your product. You will definitely be hearing from me for other products, for sure.”

pretty good
Reviewed by: happy family from central South Carolina
“My sister complained of being bitten by fleas in our carpet and said if we didn’t do something about it she would stop visiting us. I used Dustmitex on the carpet and she’s still visiting!”

dust mites
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Hammond, Louisiana
“I have a doberman who has a severe allergy to dust mites. After shampooing carpets and spraying my dogs bedding, I noticed a definite decrease in his itching. Thanks for a product that works.”

It Helps
Reviewed by: Sara from Indiana
“I used this product on everything… It’s only been a couple weeks and I can already tell a bit of a difference. It says that it can take up to 8 weeks to see the full effects. I use with the Ecology Works Anti-Allergen spray.”

Reduced Allergens in Schools
Reviewed by: Alan from Florida
“As one of the nations largest indoor environmental consulting firms specializing in: Building Diagnostics, Environmental Laboratory Services, IAQ-Screen Test Kits and Building/Mold Remediation services, Pure Air Control Services has been recommending your DustMite and Flea Control product to many of our clients for the purpose of reducing the dust mite allergen load in carpeting.

The reliance of the reduction of allergens and allergen avoidance is important to health and safety of building occupants. Upon application of the DustMite and Flea Control product in the affected carpeted areas, we typically see a reduction in allergen load of dust mite from 60% to 90%, a remarkable improvement.

A client of ours, St. Lucie County School District, has been successfully using your product for about 2 years. Since we continue to see marked improvement in the reduction of dust mite allergen with your product, we will continue to recommend it to the St. Lucie County School District as well as others.

Have a safe and healthy day!”

Dust Mites Eliminated
Reviewed by: Roger from Florida
“Prior to treatment, when the doors and windows were closed for the winter, I experienced the usual allergic symptoms: itchy throat and eyes, runny nose and eyes, etc. Since the treatment and the use of the mattress and pillow covers, all symptoms have disappeared. The tests results showed the population of dust mites had been eliminated.”

Knocks Out Dust Mites!
Reviewed by: Robert from Arizona
“It is time I advised your firm of the success my wife and I have had using your wonderful ‘DustMite and Flea Control’ powder. I suffer from allergies to Dust Mites and have found your product the only one that actually knocks out these devilish dust mites in their tracks! Yes, the others will break down the protein of their feces but yours actually takes out the mites. We use the powder in our laundry wash and also mixed in with water in spray bottles to treat cloth covered chairs in the cars and home. It works! We will continue to buy this wonderful product and thank you for making it.”

Still Working
Reviewed by: Velma
“Have had DustMite and Flea Control applied 6 months ago and it is still working! Love this stuff. Now if you can just create some stuff that will kill insects THAT LONG!! Thanks for inventing this real help for my three children who all have allergy problems.”

My Son Suffered
Reviewed by: Angela from California
“My son was suffering with constant congestion, runny nose and a cough that just wouldn’t go away. His symptoms were especially severe at night and caused him to miss school frequently. He was just plain miserable. I took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with allergies. The doctor prescribed medication which did not help. I also did not like the idea of my son having to take medications for the rest of his life. When I started working for The Ecology Works two years ago I was given a bag of DustMite and Flea Control. I had never heard of dust mites but decided to give the product a try. Within a month I noticed a remarkable difference in my son’s condition. His cough, congestion and runny nose disappeared and he has been better ever since. I use DustMite and Flea Control twice a year and am relieved to have found a natural remedy for his condition.”

Boon to My Health
Reviewed by: Jean-A
“A case of pneumonia left me environmentally sensitive, suffering with allergies and asthma. My neighbor asked if symptoms were worse at night, educated me about dust mites living off shed skin and suggested that I treat my room with a boron based, ecologically clean product, DustMite and Flea Control. The difference was immediately noticeable. The air felt fresher, though the product has no odor, and I was able to sleep without antihistamines at night.

Just as important, this product kills fleas, ticks and their eggs, thus stopping the cycle. My cats did not scratch all summer. No more poison on my animals. We simply reapply The Ecology Works® DustMite and Flea Control occasionally; one two pound bag has lasted an entire year. It’s been a real boon to my health.”

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