How to Clean Peel & Stick Floor Tiles

Throughout the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, millions of people have jumped into do-it-yourself projects to improve t...

Your Window Air Conditioner is Gross – Here’s How to Clean It

We’re in the heat of summer, and scorching hot days have become the norm – which likely means your air conditioner h...

It's Time to Bid Bleach Farewell, For Good. Here's Why

Bleach. It’s a product that has been lurking in many household cabinets for generations. Most of us were raised with...

Cleaning Hacks: 9 Ways to Use Vital Oxide (That You Haven't Tried Yet!)

We always knew we had something special in our premier disinfectant and all-purpose cleaning product, Vital Oxide. W...

Vital Oxide VS Bacterial Biofilm

What do hospital infections, sinusitis, cystic fibrosis, periodontal disease, middle ear infections, tonsillitis, CO...

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