Pet Lover’s Special

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Allergy Solution for Dogs and Cats.

  • Allergy Solution for pets and pet owners
  • Dust mite allergy treatment by spraying over pet’s bedding
  • Neutralize pet dander allergens to eliminate allergic reaction
  • Clean and condition for a pet’s soft and healthy coat
  • Pet flea allergy treatment
  • Stay fresh with our deodorizing formula

The pet lover’s special provides dust mite allergy solutions and flea control

Allergy Solution for Pets and Owners

Eliminate dust mite allergens from your pet’s bedding with the Dust Mite & Flea Control powder. Apply the Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo on your pet’s coat to eliminate allergens like pet dander that can cause allergic reactions to the pet and owner. The pet shampoo cleans and conditions for a soft and healthy coat and leaves the pet smelling great.

You can also get the Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo and the Dustmite & Flea Control separately.

Now, enjoy your pet’s company without the constant sneezing, coughing or watery eyes.

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