Established in 1993 in San Rafael, California, the Ecology Works relocated to West Palm Beach, Florida in April 2003. Our company has grown from a small local business to a world‐wide brand. We remain true to the core values that stand the test of time. The well‐being of people and planet is at the forefront of all that we do. With every product we produce comes the promise that we are actively working toward safe and environmentally sound cleaning and disinfecting solutions that enhance the quality of life. Our products help safeguard homes, schools, hospitals, and other community environments from harmful bacteria, malodors, viruses, allergens and environmental toxins.

Many of us work to make daily individual choices, as minor as they may seem, that positively impact our environment. Sometimes our good intentions are taken advantage of and used as yet another way to market products. Often the "green choices" we are offered are watered down versions of old formulations, "now less toxic" products that no longer work. Simply calling a product “green” on the label doesn’t make it so. We take a firm stance on this "green­‐washing." "Green" cannot be merely a marketing slogan used to promote questionable products. This is why we carefully and thoroughly test each product for environmental responsibility, as well as true effectiveness. Our promise to you: We take our responsibility to the environment and our customers seriously. Green is our passion, our way of life; do no harm, our ethos.

The Ecology Works seeks technologies that mirror Earth's own solutions. We believe the organic structures of life are a map to follow in designing sustainable solutions to the challenges of modern life. Biodiversity is essential to our survival; we must protect it. The spider has woven silk many times stronger and more flexible than our present synthetics, mushrooms can absorb toxic heavy metals from our water supply. The sun, wind, and tides are ready, willing, and able to take over the charge of energy supplies. Global warming is no longer a theory, we must act now. Many great discoveries await us. Many small acts of kindness shall also be made. History will note the great discoveries. Yet it will be the often unnoticed, immediate, and personal acts of unselfish love and kindness that will add up to the sea of change in human awareness necessary to make this next step. Join us in this quest — The Ecology Works.