Dust Mites & Fleas

Natural dust mite control kills dust mites and fleas and stops future outbreaks in your home without using dangerous pesticides. Effective and natural products for killing dust mites and fleas. Natural flea treatment for home use is great for upholstery, carpets and bedding. Browse our collection of natural dust mite spray and other products online today.


Dust Mite Allergy Control 8oz bag

Dust Mite Allergy Control powder mix from The Ecology Works is a long-lasting dust mite allergy treatment that controls dust mites and fleas from carpets and upholstered furniture and keeps house dust mites away naturally! 8-oz bag treats 200 sq ft. Just simply mix the powder with water and spray it over furniture, carpets and pet bedding. The solution can also be used in hot water vacuum for deeper carpet penetration.



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