30 Chores You Can Tackle in One-Minute or Less

30 Chores You Can Tackle in One-Minute or Less

When your list of to-dos is endless but your time is limited, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. And with such busy schedules, many of us tend to put off important household chores because they seem too time-consuming, which can lead to more stress. However, while larger projects like cleaning out the refrigerator or scrubbing the bathroom can take a while, there are a few chores that you can tackle in just a minute or less. 

These 30 chores will only take a moment of your time but will go a long way to refresh your living space. 

1. Make your bed. Completing this first task in the morning takes seconds–and it can help make you more productive all day.

2. Vacuum your entryway. Foyers, mudrooms, and side doors all see a ton of foot traffic during the day. A quick pass with the vacuum can help keep dirt and grime from getting tracked in. 

3. Dust your bookshelf. Grab your bottle of Anti-Allergen Solution and apply it onto a microfiber cloth for extra dust-busting cleaning power – and wipe your bookshelf clean. 

4. Neaten your bookshelf. Take a moment to align the book spines on your bookshelf so they look nice, even, and #Instagram worthy. 

5. Start a load of laundry. Grab an overflowing laundry hamper and your favorite hypoallergenic laundry detergent, and start a load of laundry.

6. Wipe down the toilet seat and around the bottom. Spray the toilet seat, lid, and around the toilet base with Vital Oxide and wipe clean with a paper towel. After cleaning, apply Vital Oxide once again and leave it behind to disinfect and eliminate odors. 

7. Declutter the kitchen counter. Take a minute to put away any extra stuff on your kitchen counters. 

8. Clean and disinfect a countertop. Bathroom countertops can collect airborne bacteria from flushing toilets and are often touched by unwashed hands. Kitchen countertops, on the other hand, come into contact with a variety of different germs; germs from dirty hands, meal prep, raw food, and more. So, when you have a moment to spare, grab your bottle of Vital Oxide and clean and disinfect a countertop in two easy steps: First, spray and wipe Vital Oxide to remove visible dirt, dust, and grime. Next, spray Vital Oxide and leave it behind to disinfect. No need to rinse; simply let it air dry.

9. Dust a ceiling fan. Grab a microfiber cloth, spray it with the Anti-Allergen Solution, and then wipe the blades of a ceiling fan clean. 

10. Make a quick pass through the fridge. Take a quick inventory of your fridge and toss anything rotten or past its expiration date. 

11. Freshen your pet’s bed. Dog and cat beds, especially if not regularly washed, can be a major source of dust mites and animal dander, which can trigger allergy symptoms in humans and pets alike! So take a minute, grab your pet’s bed, give it a quick vacuum (preferably with a HEPA vacuum), and then toss in the washing machine along with the Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent to neutralize allergens from mites and dander. If you don’t have time to wash and dry your pet’s bed, simply vacuum and then spray with the Anti-Allergen Solution to neutralize allergens on contact. 

12. Clean out your vacuum canister. If your vacuum is full of dirt and dust, it won’t work as effectively. Take a moment to empty the canister over the garbage can, and then wipe out the inside of the canister with a cloth dampened with Vital Oxide to leave it clean and fresh.

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13. Wipe down the front of an appliance. Grab your bottle of Vital Oxide and a microfiber cloth, and spray and wipe down the outside of your refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, washer, or dryer. 

14. Clean lint out of the dryer. Lint buildup can keep your dryer from running efficiently and also poses a fire hazard. Take a few seconds to clean your dryer’s lint trap to keep your dyer running safely and smoothly. 

15. Empty a forgotten trash can. The small trash cans in a guest bathroom or home office can sometimes be overlooked until they’re overflowing. Take a moment to empty out the small trash cans around your home and replace them with a new liner. 

16. Clean and disinfect touchscreens. It only takes a moment to wipe down and degerm the touchscreen on your smartphone or tablet with a microfiber cloth lightly dampened with Vital Oxide. Just make sure devices are unplugged and powered off, and don’t let any liquid get into openings. 

17. Sort through your junk mail. Take a moment to throw out (always recycle when possible) magazines, flyers, and other mail that’s been piling up. 

18. Deodorize the kitchen trash can. After taking out the garbage, wipe up any food residue or debris and then spray the inside of the trash can with Vital Oxide to neutralize any funky odors.

19. Wipe down one set of blinds. Lightly dampen a microfiber cloth with the Anti-Allergen Solution and wipe across the blinds to keep them free from dust (and dust mites). 

20. Freshen the hand towels in the kitchen or in a bathroom. Hand towels can be laden with germs. To prevent cross-contamination of bacteria and viruses, frequently wash and swap out hand towels in the kitchen and bathroom. 

21. Dust your favorite houseplant. It doesn’t take long for dust to accumulate on houseplants. The easiest way to clean most houseplants is to stick them in the kitchen sink, shower, or outdoors to spray them off with a sprayer nozzle and lukewarm water. You can also mist plants with a spray bottle. If moving your plants isn’t an option, gently wipe the leaves with a damp cloth. Plan to clean the rest when you have more time; regularly removing dust from your plants is essential for keeping them healthy. 

22. Treat a stain. Grab your bottle of Vital Oxide and treat that coffee stain on your sofa or the mystery stain on the living room rug. Simply spray Vital Oxide, full-strength, on the soiled area until wet. Gently blot the area with a clean, damp, color-safe cloth. Repeat as needed for stubborn stains. Let air dry. 

23. Test your smoke alarms. Right now is the perfect time to spend a few seconds making sure your smoke alarms are in tip-top shape. Smoke alarms don’t need a ton of maintenance, but they should be tested once a month, and batteries should be replaced at least once a year, according to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA).

24. Clean dust off your air vents. Air vents – and the wall around vents – are absolute dust magnets. Grab your bottle of Anti-Allergen Solution and a microfiber cloth, and take a minute to wipe down the vents in a room or two. 

25. Check the bathroom for empty containers. Empty shampoo bottles tend to linger in the bathroom for far longer than they should. Take a few seconds to make more space for the things you really use by recycling or throwing out any old or empty shampoo, conditioner, or soap bottles.

26. Declutter an area. Take a moment to clear off a counter, straighten the coffee table, or declutter your bedside table. 

27. Freshen your pillows. Vacuum your throw pillows and then spray them with DustmiteX to neutralize dust mite allergens. No need to rinse; simply let them air dry. 

28. Vacuum the kitchen. Giving your kitchen floors a quick once-over can go a long way to freshen up your home. 

29. Sort through today’s mail. After sorting through the day’s junk mail, take a minute to sort and store the mail that needs to be kept. 

30. Make a cleaning plan. When you have time for nothing else, take a moment to write down the cleaning tasks that need to be taken care of, so you’ll be ready to go later. 

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