Everything You Should Clean At Home After Someone Has Been Sick

If someone in your household has the sniffles, stomach bug, cold, flu, or any other other type of contagious illness...

How to Clean Stuffed Animals & Toys

Think for a moment: When was the last time you cleaned and sanitized your child’s favorite stuffed animal? What abou...

10 Chores You Only Need to Do Once a Year

We’re almost at the start of the new year, and a great resolution to make is to stay on top of household chores. We ...

The Surprising Chemicals Lurking in Common Household Dust

Most of us think of household dust as a minor annoyance – something that needs to be wiped away regularly to keep ou...

Cleaning Hacks: 9 Ways to Use Vital Oxide (That You Haven't Tried Yet!)

We always knew we had something special in our premier disinfectant and all-purpose cleaning product, Vital Oxide. W...

Fleas – What's the Big Deal?

Itchy? Maybe not, but your cat or dog might be. If you have pets that spend any time outside, it’s likely that you’r...

Allergic to Your Pet? Easy Tips to Prevent & Control Your Allergy

If you could wave a magic wand and make your allergy symptoms disappear, you’d probably do it in a second. Allergies...

Baby Safety Month: Preparing Your Home for Baby’s Arrival

As parents and caregivers, we always want to ensure that our children are happy and healthy. Welcoming a new baby is ...

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