Spring Cleaning Tips for New Homeowners

Spring Cleaning Tips for New Homeowners

Springtime always feels like the perfect opportunity to start fresh. From putting away your winter wear to smelling the freshly mown grass, there’s no season more fitting for a good reset. Apart from a tidy house, CNN reports several benefits to spring cleaning, making it an essential step after the accumulation of clutter and allergens during the colder months. While experienced homeowners might have the routine down pat, new homeowners may not know where to start. So, here are some essential spring cleaning tips that every new homeowner needs to know.

Ditch the Calendar

Although many homeowners strictly start their cleaning once the calendar hits the fourth Sunday in March, some areas may still have frost on the ground, with the potential for snow to fall in the following days. In this case, you can ditch the calendar and follow this rule of thumb: Start cleaning when the temperatures are mild. The air should no longer feel cold and sharp – but rather fresh, clean, and suitable to let into your home.

Have a Game Plan

Cleaning out an entire home takes a lot of organization and work, so in the days leading up to your chosen spring cleaning dates, sit down and draft up a game plan. Write down each cleaning task and place your list in a common area, such as on the family whiteboard or the fridge door. Seeing the tasks on a list will clearly show you what has been accomplished and what still needs work to help you stay on track.

Don’t Neglect Seasonal Chores

As you prepare for the warmer months, it’s best to check on your home structures and look for any damage winter may have caused. Marcus’ seasonal guide to home maintenance lists your roof, outdoor walls, gutters, foundation, and driveways as key things you need to check this spring. Get a professional to inspect your roof for any problems that need fixing, and be sure to clear the gutters of any debris. Check for cracks in walls and walkways that may have been left behind by frozen water in the winter, as these can get worse and cause people to trip if left unchecked over the coming months.

Part with Unused Belongings

Many homeowners struggle with discarding unused items for several reasons. But whether it’s for future use or sentimental value, it still accumulates clutter. Marie Kondo’s cleaning approach as a tidying expert is something that new homeowners can try. She encourages people to ask if the object sparks joy to assess whether the item adds value and happiness to one’s life. If it does not, it is simply discarded. With little to no wiggle room, this approach makes for a more straightforward and satisfying cleaning process!

Have the Right Cleaning Products

If you’re shopping for cleaning products, then be sure to do a bit of research on which ones you’ll need. Not every cleaner is suitable for all surfaces, and some can even potentially damage parts of your home if misused. Choosing an all-in-one product like Vital Oxide to clean, sanitize, and disinfect will help you clean your cleaning products to a minimum. You can then add specialty cleaners depending on your needs, such as hard water mineral removers.

Final Thoughts

Spring may be a time for a big clean, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the year should be devoid of tidying efforts. This season is an excellent time to start building habits with Our Top Spring Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Clean Home in 2021 to keep your house spic and span for the remainder of the year. By the time next spring rolls around, cleaning up should be easy-peasy!

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